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Are There Any Rules?

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My Story

"Are there any rules?" is my first autobiographical album.


Each of the 9 songs on it is inspired by a different person in my life, as well as by a different musical genre and theme.

From "He Is Watching", which is about losing my dad, to "Lionheart", which is about regaining my desire to live, "Are there any rules?" explores honest, raw themes such as loss and resilience.

In this Album Experience I will be guiding you through my story, one song at a time. 


The Experience will launch 9 days before "Are there any rules?" is released, so you will be the first to hear the album.

Once the Experience begins, a link will be delivered to you via email on a song-per-day basis.

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Are There Any Rules? Album Cover

My name is Yan and I'm an independent singer-songwriter. 

There are no managers, sponsors, or label directors weighing in on how I should or shouldn't release my music. There are no corporate agendas that would profit here from your support.

This Album Experience is crafted by me, for you, so that you get the ultimate value from my album.

My music is 100% original and genuine.

My messages in my songs are unfiltered, and my goal is for you to find your voice in there.


The Album Experience

The Experience includes access to behind-the-scenes content, early drafts and demos of each song, my official instrumentals (which you'll be able to download!), and other material that can’t be found anywhere else. ​

You'll also be able to download and stream the album in its entirety.

Over a year of time and effort went into creating "Are there any rules?", which is why I want you to have the ultimate experience with it. 

Discover an engaging, immersive way to experience my new album

This is a free experience - you do not need to purchase anything to receive the bonus content

"He is a fantastic singer and musician, so relaxing to listen to!!!"
-Kathleen Haughney

This is a free experience - you do not need to purchase anything to receive the bonus content.

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