Are There Any Rules?

Are There Any Rules?

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What awaits you...

What awaits you...

I created this Album Experience to give you an unfiltered, all-encompassing insight into my debut album "Are There Any Rules?"

Through a series of hidden pages, you will have access to

  • A breakdown of my lyrics, and a detailed retelling of the stories that inspired each of my songs

  • Actual phone-recordings I made while I was in the process of writing, which include demos and early versions of the songs

  • Studio session footage, acoustic piano versions, my official music videos, and behind-the-scenes reels

  • Secret downloads! Some of the pages have hidden buttons!
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"Are There Any Rules?"

"Are There Any Rules?"

My debut album is comprised of 9 original songs.
While each song is inspired by a different person in my life, together they tell a story about a transformation.


The album opens with “Run Away”,
which happens to be the oldest song on the tracklist.

It represents me at my most naïve self.
 "There Was a Time” concludes the album,
representing me at my most clairvoyant, emotionally-sound self.

It is between these two tracks that you witness the transition.
And it is not a light one.
Among other things, this album documents the most difficult and life-altering event of my life - the death of my dad. 

It is a story of emotional evolution, of hardship and hope, 
and of identity liberation.

It's a story I know others are going through as well.

And I want to share it with you.

This Album Experience is free - you do not need to purchase anything to receive the bonus content.


My name is Yan. I'm an independent singer-songwriter. 

I have no managers, sponsors, or label directors weighing in on how I should or shouldn't release my music.

There are no corporate agendas that would profit from your support.

This Album Experience is crafted by me for you, so that you get the ultimate value from my album.

My music is 100% original and genuine.

The messages in my songs are authentic and unfiltered, and my goal is for you to find your voice in there.

©2020 by Yan Shvartsman