Black Ink Drops

"Absolutely nothing"

Written and performed by Yan
Produced by Dima Graziani

"I've been fighting so hard, you've been playing a game"


The Story

Black Ink Drops

The Process

January 5th, 2020: The album is almost finished. Then, one evening, Absolutely Nothing is born out of the blue. This is a phone recording I made while coming up with the chords.

The next day I made this demo recording of the second verse.

Same day: This is a demo phone recording I made in my room of the first verse and chorus.


And a day later I was recording the  piano part that concludes the song. If you listen carefully to the track, you can even hear the pedal being lifted at the very end.

February 5th (one month later): 

I recorded this piano part in Dima's studio, which you can hear in the beginning of the song.